The Provocateur

The swedish street artist, Dan Park, personifies the real provocateur. His art only exist for one reason; to make people upset.  

Bengt the Biker

Bengt Nordqvist (90) is deeply passionate about old motorbikes. So much so in fact that he views it as a medicine.
“English or German-made used to be the thing. Preferably English.” says the ninety-three year old as he looks out of the window.

An Unexpected Friendship

The centre of the little Norwegian town of Stokke is brutally divided by its railway track. Occasionally one of the red trains stops; others just thunder through. Sometimes the beeping barrier at the level crossing is lowered, damming up the town’s main road. The motorists stare ahead indifferently; their cars filled with branches of birch in preparation for the 17th May festivities. The barrier is raised, finally indicating the arrival of the much anticipated weekend. Srour Hassans Pizzeria is right next to the railway. He is also waiting to celebrate the constitution day.